Monday, June 3, 2013


Reading through this recipe I thought it would take just a bit of time: the rise times were short and so was the bake time.  But that is just like me, to underestimate the time something takes.   We had a birthday party to go in the afternoon and I had been gone most of the morning.  I thought I could squeeze this cake in, in between lunch and showers and naps and a birthday gift...  first rise, no problem, second rise, I was counting the minutes until I could shove it in the oven in time for us to leave for the party. It was so flat coming out of the oven, but I didn't have time to think about just then.

I came back to the cake later that night and sampled it (thus the wedge removed from the circle- I figured I could fill it in with whipped cream later).  It tasted awful; it tasted rushed.  It tasted yeasty.  But I thought maybe it could be salvaged by simple syrup.  I thought wrong.  I didn't bother with the berries (why waste good berries on this?) and the whipped cream.  Besides it was 10pm. A gross underestimation of time needed.

I am not sure what went wrong, but most likely I rushed that second rise time and I could have used more dough for my larger bundt pan.  Seeing as we will likely do Babas in the future, I am in no hurry to repeat this recipe now.  

Looking at my last 2 posts, it appears I am hopelessly busy, but I'm not.  I'm just choosing poor times to   make these recipes or rather underestimating the time and commitment they take.  Maybe I need to just add an hour on to every recipe to be realistic.  It will be just like what I have done to estimate leaving times with two toddlers. Want to leave at 9? Start getting ready to leave at 8...

Eating berries meant for the Savarin!
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  1. LOL - looks as if she enjoyed the berries as is way more than she would have on the savarin. As you say, onwards and upwards.

  2. Sorry your savarin didn't turn out. It is true about the time of these recipes sometimes. I generally need more for a Julia recipe, as it doesn't always seem clear to me.

  3. Who needs cake when there are delicious berries to be had! I could eat berries all day long. Love this time of year. :)

  4. I almost double the time to,prepare these recipes because I have never tried them before.

  5. The berries are the best part :-)

  6. The berries really are the best part, so not all was lost! Win some, lose some, but enjoy it all!

  7. Oh so sorry you did not like it. I made mine with orange and chocolate and turned out "thin" but fine.
    As for "wrong planning", you are SOO GOOD! A cute small child and still the energy to follow TWD. Bravo!