Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Persian Naan

Oddly enough I had a mediterranean affair planned for dinner last night but I made these today.  Sometimes that's how the cookie crumbles or how the flat bread rises.  

Despite desperate poking of fingers, this bread still had loft in the oven.  This was the first one in and the next three got progressively flatter as they had more time to rest and get thin and unwieldy.  

All turned out well enough.  As my son said they were "not too soft and not too hard, just right".  I did use about half bread flour and half all-purpose lending to their nice, chewy texture.   I almost can't imagine using all bread flour.  

I will absolutely make these again as I dread buying naan at the store knowing how simple and how much more delicious it really is when homemade. 

…and Rhiannon.
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