Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Baby Gingerbread Cakes

Gingerbread remains an elusive recipe for me.  Similar to brownies, I have tried multiple versions upon multiple occasions to find THE gingerbread recipe and have yet to do so.  This recipe, unfortunately, was no different.  Oh, I think it was a good gingerbread.  Dark, moist, complex, deep flavors.  But it was not the gingerbread I have been searching for.  Maybe had I made them in baby cake pans as instructed I would have found them more alluring.  But as I write, a half of a cake pan of gingerbread still remains in my house and no one is nibbling.  (My husband claims he liked it...)  

Regardless, it does need whipped cream or ice cream to balance its strong flavors.  My lemon curd was a bit overpowering.  Otherwise, just a hint of lemon would be nice.

Quinn helped me out again on this recipe.  We were not as tidy as we were on the last one; not at all.

Quinn "helping"

The mess. (Not too bad.)

Adding the molasses and ginger.
Adding the eggs to the creamed butter and sugar.

And we burnt one edge of the cake (used a 9inch instead of the recommended 10 inch pan), but it still turned out moist and perfectly done everywhere else.  We just trimmed the burnt edge off.  

I am looking forward to scouring the blogs of our baking group, to see if anyone has that gem of a gingerbread recipe.

And Rhiannon... she didn't like the gingerbread...