Monday, June 4, 2012

Oasis Naan

Final product- Oasis Naan

These big little dough poufs were just fine, not amazing, not bad, just fine.  I am racking my brain trying to think of why they were just so.

They were a bit chewier than expected.  I think I followed the recipe correctly and did everything it said.    I don't think I overworked the dough at any point, although I must say, I had to add a bit more flour than the recipe stated.  I probably added a good 1/2 cup more than it stated in the ingredients list because the dough remained sticky after I added all that it called for.  I kneaded for 10 minutes and the dough felt right at that time.  But still the chewiness...

The flavor was lacking.  Maybe I didn't add enough green onions or cumin seeds.  Or maybe salt.  The first two I made I forgot to add the salt along with the onions and seeds and added it after they came out of the oven.  And come to think of it I ate one of those with dinner.  The next morning I had one from a later batch, and it was better.  But still the blandness...

The dinner I paired it with was not good.  More than anything about the recipe or my execution, I think this is the source of its ho-humness.  

Ready to bake.
Case in point: I saved some of the risen dough in the fridge for the next morning (as there was no way we could have or should have eaten all eight in one night).  In the morning I prepared them the same but in place of onions and cumin I used cinnamon and sugar.  Paired with coffee, they were better than average.  And the salt in the dough nicely balanced out the sugar on top.  

Maybe I just need to make these again and see if the same things happen.  And make them with a stellar dinner (maybe one picked up from my friend's newly opened fabulous Indian street food restaurant- Bollywood Theater).  They were simple and easy and when it comes down to it, there is not much to dislike about freshly made dough poufs.  

For the recipe, check out our Baking with Julia/ Tuesdays with Dorie hosts:


  1. I didn't notice the blandness - probably because I was using it to mop up curry!

  2. Hi,
    Wow a baby and still time to bake: you are a "wondermama".
    I'm sorry you did not like that much.
    I've loved them and added to them extra vegetables.

  3. Your naan looks good. I found the dough to be very sticky also. I used my Kitchen Aid for the kneading!

    21 years ago, I contemplated naming my daughter Rhiannon. I think it is a beautiful name. Enjoy your time home with her.

  4. I thought that a tad more salt would not have been remiss with these.

    Your naan look lovely

  5. They sure look great! They are sorta plain janes...I guess they were meant tobe served with super spicy food. A couple of mine were a bit chewy also. I think maybe i baked them too long because I was hoping they would brown more on top.

  6. They look good. Mine were a bit tough, not sure what went wrong. Still glad you tried it.

  7. They look perfect…sorry they were just ok….I really enjoyed them!

  8. I think this dough is a blank canvas--ready to be adorned! I think it needs to be brushed with garlic butter or cinnamon sugar like you did. I had a day old naan--I toasted it and then buttered it, it was yummy!

  9. traditionally, sauteed onions or garlic are baked into these and then used for dipping in the sauces that cover delicious Indian food... it all comes together to taste really great! Alone, I'm not too much a fan of naan but its something I HAVE to have to eat Indian food... it's kind of like eating Mexican without any tortillas,.. it just doesnt happen! :) Great job! My little one is almost one and a half and she has spent most of her life sitting on my kitchen counter in her bumbo chair "helping" and observing all the cooking and baking and she knows what all the things are for and gets really excited when she sees me break out mixing bowls or open the oven! :)