Monday, June 18, 2012

French Strawberry Cake

My friend asked me last week if any of the Tuesday with Dorie recipes had failed.  I replied that they hadn't, that the recipes are so specific and detailed it would be hard to have a failure.

Well, that was last week.

And this is this week.

Genoise.  It failed.  My first failure.  I now realize it will be the first among many.   I now know the butter I mixed into my ever so carefully beaten batter was too hot.  I only realized this, because after this flub, I scoured the internet for Julia's video making genoise and watched it intently looking for my mistake.   Ah, the butter.  Usually my favorite part of a recipe but this time, my nemesis.  

I went ahead and finished the recipe.  I am not sure why but I wanted to see what the whole recipe was supposed to be like at least on the outside if not on the inside.

I picked up fresh Hood strawberries at the market.  They were gorgeous and super sweet.  Sugaring them went without a problem, and they were by far the best part of this recipe.

Whipping the cream was another failure.  I whipped it too long.  Right when I was about to turn the mixer off, it turned from smooth and silky to chunky and stiff.

I was so tempted to try this recipe again right on the spot, but I know we are doing more recipes based on genoise so I held back.  In the morning, I scraped the whipped frosting off the cake and gathered up the leftover sugared strawberries, and spread it all over fresh pancakes.  That was not a failure.

For the recipe click on the links below:


  1. What a bummer, but I think it looks not bad at all!

    More luck next time!

    Ulrike @Küchenlatein

  2. Awww, sorry that this was a rough one for you. Now, those pancakes sound pretty good :-)

  3. I had a hard time with this genoise, too. Hopefully we all do better next time!

  4. Looks like you had no problems at all... your cake is beautiful! :)

  5. So disappointing! Your cake does look beautiful though. Better luck next time!

  6. Sorry it didn't work out but it certainly looks pretty! The pancake save sounds pretty delicious:)

  7. Great idea to jazz up your pancakes.

    ~ Carmen

  8. This was not a hit here either. The extras on pancakes sound devine!