Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sweet Ricotta Pie

This recipe calls for a dough (pasta frolla) we have used in the past but with a savory dish, Pizza Rustica.  I remember loving the crust and the sweetness of it matched to the salty innards of the pizza.  This time it was to be used with a simple, sweet ricotta filling.

The filling traditionally is flavored with anisette (a licorice liquor).  Since I do not have anisette, I used one of the alternatives mentioned in the recipe book, almond extract.  Because I was using extract instead of liquor, I reasoned erroneously that I should use a bit less than the recipe called for.  The almond flavoring was there but not enough for a true almond flavor to come through on each bite.  And the crust was decent but did not stand out as it did previously probably due to its match with a sweet filling.

Overall the dessert was a nice Easter brunch addition, and I would try it again but with another flavor (and I would certainly use the whole amount of flavoring).

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  1. almond flavoring sounds nice. looks like Rhiannon did well in the egg hunt!

  2. Looks like Rhiannon rocked the egg hunt!
    I used almond extract as well - it definitely needed the full amount of extract. (And I agree - this dough was better with the pizza rustica)