Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Baked Yogurt Tart

I am not sure what to write about this recipe from the Tuesdays with Dorie/ Baking with Julia group.  I liked it's simplicity and lightness.  I disliked how underwhelming its flavor was.  And this has nothing to do with the berries, because the berries in Oregon are incredibly insane right now.

Maybe it could use more berries.  Maybe it's because I really just wanted a berry pie to eat those berries, not a baked yogurt filled pie shell with a smattering of berries.

As far as the recipe goes, it is simple.  Start with pre baking a piecrust (mine fell, as you can see), then fill it with a yogurt, flour, eggs, vanilla and sugar mixture.  Top this with berries and some chopped almonds (missing from the picture as I added these after the baking process to avoid burning them).  Bake it all and it's done.  I did bake mine longer than the recipe states, and I still could not imagine flipping this one over (as instructed) as it's center was still a bit loose.  (I would curious to hear if anyone successfully flipped theirs.)

For others stories and pics, see the link above.

Rhiannon camping...


  1. I was able to flip mine, but used a full fat Greek yogurt, which I think helped set it up a little thicker than the non fat would have.

    Those berries do look insanely delicious!

    Have a great holiday.

  2. The tart looks great! I am like you I found the flavour underwhelming. I did manage to flip mine but I made mini ones so I think that made it easier.

  3. I didn't flip mine either.....left it in the pie tin. :)
    Those berries do look awesome.

  4. It might be better if the yogurt filling was just a base for the berries...like half as much filling and twice as many berries. I liked it enough that I'll probably make it again to fiddle with and get it to what I want it to be. I was able to get mine out of the pan, but only b/c my crust shrunk in a bit from the dish, which allowed me to pop it out with a spatula.

  5. Oh, I've heard of Oregon berries being insane. This was not great. Would have been better with a lot more fruit, and mixed in with the batter rather than just on top. Cute camping picture!