Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lemon Loaf Cake

Such an easy recipe.  Such a light, "springtime" cake.  

Easy was good as I squeezed this in while my son and husband were off at the hardware store, and Rhiannon was taking a nap.  That's how easy it was.  

Light was good as I was expecting more traditional pound cake heaviness to the loaf, and it was surprisingly light and fluffy more like a layer cake.  (I don't think it was light in any other sense of the word, due to the decent amount of butter and cream in it.)

And maybe it was that Portland was having a remarkably dry and sunny spring weekend that this cake just felt like springtime.  Maybe it was the fact that the color of the cake matched the daffodils in my yard.  

I followed the recipe without any deviations or experimentation.   I am finding this cookbook, 
Baking with Julia, to be so detail oriented (which is helping a novice like me to master these baking skills); this recipe told me when to switch from a whisk to a spatula in the mixing process!  Never have I read a recipe so specific with mixing utensils.    

Next time, I will deviate a bit.  Maybe some glaze, some more lemon juice, and I would love to serve it with lemon curd as that sounds just heavenly.   I will, however, maintain the timing of switching from whisk to spatula.

For the recipe and more on Tuesdays with Dorie see our hosts:

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  1. I think lemon curd would be lovely with this.

    The light coming across the daffodils makes it all look like it was just meant to be :-)