Monday, January 4, 2016

Cornmeal Currant Biscotti

Not your traditional twice-baked biscotti but nice, fat, plump diamond shaped tea cookies.  These will only last a week on your shelf, but given all the leftover holiday treats lying around, I could have used the one month shelf life of regular biscotti. (Truth be told these can be molded and baked like regular biscotti but I wanted to sample these not-so-traditional ones.)

These are tasty little tea cookies with a higher butter content and a nice crackly corneal texture.  I used raisins instead of currants, and I like the contrast of the soft raisins and the crunch of the cornmeal.  Despite these attributes, I don't think I will make these again; I have too many other biscotti recipes that I favor.  But then again maybe I will, as Rhiannon loved them.

And Rhiannon… she loved these cookies!


  1. Glad Rhiannon is a fan--this isn't what I'd normally think of as a kid's cookie! Mine look just like yours...did they also remind you of a scone?

  2. What kid's will eat never fails to amaze me! Made mine as slice and bake cookies, they were a nice crunchy-crumbly texture. Even so, like you, I have many other biscotti recipes I would rather bake!