Wednesday, July 8, 2015

White Chocolate Patty Cake & Fruit Focaccia

Whew.  I am back.  A whole month away feels like a long time to be gone from the Baking with Julia group.   I didn't go anywhere by the way,  just swept away by the end of the school year and the start of a chaotic but awesome summer.

For rewind week, last week I chose to make the fruit focaccia after reading rave reviews from my fellow bloggers and despite my prior focaccia failures.  (For some vegetarian reasons the savory puffs didn't sound as appealing.)  This was a challenge in planning for me.  I originally set up the dough to rise in the fridge so that the final rise would occur at 10pm for a bake at 1am.  So, I just let it rise longer in the fridge (until 6am) so I could bake at the more reasonable hour of 9am.  This turned out just delicious and chewy and slightly fermented (likely due to its overlong rise).

For this week it was back to cakes with a White Chocolate Patty Cake.  Watching the video helped subdue any anxiety I was having with baking another cake.  This cake is intended to be flat (after rising, then cooling).  Phew.  I can handle a cake like that.  This was a surprisingly satisfying cake.  It had a dense crumb from the white chocolate and tasted more like a pound cake.  And how can one go wrong with fresh raspberry sauce?

My taste tester.


  1. The video helped me too. Such a wonderful experience watching Julia "help" Marcel. Love.

  2. I was very glad I watched the video (and relieved that the chocolate cups weren't part of the dessert in the book!).
    I am glad you enjoyed both. BTW - I loved the savory puffs but didn't love the salmon filling. I would try them again with a mushroom pate or something inside. I think that would be delicious!

  3. I still haven't done that focaccia yet, but loved the cake. hopefully your cute taste tester approved of both!

  4. That focaccia does take some planning! It looks like both of your recipes turned out great! Your taste tester looks like she agrees with that statement, haha. She is too cute!