Tuesday, April 15, 2014


= biscotti
"twice baked cookie"

I discovered biscotti/ cantuccini a while back and have treasured them as a guilt free breakfast treat (or-anytime-of-day-treat).  Since they have no butter or other fat and are baked twice they are relatively dry, fat free, and delicious (somehow that is possible without butter).  They are a snap to make; if you have never made them, go for it, as they are even easier than regular  drop cookies.  And if that isn't enough, they store up to a month in a sealed container or tin.

This recipe is a very basic, standard recipe without a lot of thrills or additions as you might see in coffee shops.  Check out the book,  Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan, for the whole recipe and hop on over to our Tuesdays with Dorie baking group to see others' experiences with this cookie.


  1. Your cantuccini look perfect. They are definitely a guilt free treat. No fat and low sugar, what more can one ask for?��

  2. They look good! I loved how easy these were. A keeper of a recipe. :)

  3. yes, I love how these are pretty guilt free (in comparison to, oh, say... the mocha brownie cake). and easy, too--I'll have to keep this recipe in my back pocket.

  4. Look great! I'd love one right now, with a nice hot cup of tea! :)