Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mocha Brownie Cake

This sounded like my kind of cake… a brownie cake.  As previously mentioned in this blog (with every cake recipe), I am not a cake fan.  I am a huge brownie fan however.  So, if there is a cake out there I might like, a brownie cake just might be it.  (I am slightly exaggerating as there are a few cakes out there I have enjoyed and would even eat again (Rhubarb Upside Down cake is one of them).  This cake, however, was more cake and less brownie.  A great one for cake lovers.  A tolerable one for brownie lovers.

It has some redeemable qualities worth mentioning:

- the ganache frosting/ filling is delicious and super easy to work with (I will dog-ear the recipe for this alone.)

- the recipe comes together easily

- the ganache has coffee in it

- the recipe outlines a simple and effective way to assemble a layer cake which was new to me, utilizing the spring form pan used to bake it

- there is never a bite without the ganache

I must confess that this may have been a bit more brownie-like had I baked the cake for less than the stated time.  As it was, the first time I checked it, the cake was already done and possibly a bit dry, but this was hard to tell given all that delicious ganache which lent moisture to every bite.  I will be curious to see how my fellow bakers baked this one up.  Check theirs out at Tuesdays with Dorie.

Rhiannon- a cake eater


  1. I agree about the cake, I liked it because of the ganache. How good was the ganache? :-D

  2. Your cake looks beautiful!!
    Indeed, it was a bit more cake than brownies, but very chocolatey!!
    I enjoyed so much this recipe, with a scoop of ice-cream...delightful!!!

  3. Yup, definitely more cake-like than brownie-like in texture and flavor, but we still enjoyed it. :)

    Ganache is delicious on just about anything, eh?

  4. looks nice. I agree that it's more cakey...a true brownie drenched in ganache would be divine!

  5. We were in similar boats this week - I do like cake, but I am not a big chocolate fan, so it was going to take a lot for me to love this one. I think the ganache was the star of the show.

    I like how your layers have a nice thick coating of ganache in there. Very nice!

  6. Beautiful cake!!! Love the look of that ganache.

  7. Your cake looks fabulous! I too was hoping for more of a brownie like texture to this cake. The ganache was definitely the best part. Love ganache. :))