Sunday, February 9, 2014

Onion Bialys

Okay, so they look more like onion rolls, than bialys.  No matter, they still tasted absolutely delicious.  Similar to a bagel in texture but a bit more chewy and dense.  Basically, the dough was my perfect idea of comfort white-bread-food.   If there was more nutrition in these, I would eat them everyday.  I made these early in the day on Super Bowl Sunday and they made solid bases for our layered sandwiches.

They came together quite easily.  The dough was sticky as it was kneaded in my mixer but firmed up with a chill in the fridge (its second rise).  Shaping them was fun but obviously I did not prick the centers enough with a fork.  I also halved the recipe which made everything a bit easier to deal with.  Although right now, I wish I had 6 more stored up in my freezer…

With a smear.

Rhiannon in a rare Portland snow.


  1. Yes, I wish I had some of these in the freezer too! Onion roll, bialy - no matter what you call it, it's all good :-)

  2. Your bialys look great!!!
    I had approximately the same bialys look!!! It didn't change anything!!!
    Lightly toasted...they were delicious!!
    A keeper!!

  3. Love the look of your bialys! I wish I had more of them too. Will certainly make them again.

  4. I totally agree...mine turned out looking more like bagels but they were delicious!

  5. those look like they would make awesome hamburger buns!

  6. Actually, they look quite nice as rolls! We enjoyed these as well.