Tuesday, December 17, 2013


These little cookies required making a very simple dough, a very sticky simple dough.  Even after time in the fridge it was still a bit sticky to handle.  I followed the advice of fellow Tuesday with Dorie bakers and switched the process a bit.  Instead of rolling and cutting out shapes, I simply rolled it into a log and sliced the cookies from that.  It made a rather few small round gingersnaps.

They made odd gingersnaps as they were not too gingery and they lacked any snap.  They were more molasses-y  and chewy.  They were ok but not my first or even third pick in any given holiday cookie line up.

Addendum: I made a second batch of these with the leftover frozen dough.  We cut them out into gingerbread men and frosted and decorated a few.  They were much better this way.  I think it removed them from the "gingersnap" category and put them into the "gingerbread cookie" category in my head, which just made a lot more sense.



  1. I didn't love these cookies. So disappointed that they weren't spicy or snappy enough. I am going to keep looking for a better gingersnap recipe.
    Your daughter is adorable! A regular little Cindy Lou from Whoville! :)

  2. I thought these should have been called molasses chips or something. Molasses was the prominent flavor, and no snap at all! A big disappoint, for I love gingersnaps.

  3. Yeah, I agree all the way around. this recipe didn't make very many! There are better recipes out there for sure! On to the next one...

  4. I think we came to the same consensus! :-)