Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Popovers proved to be pretty darn easy.  Pour ingredients into blender.  Pour mixture into muffin tins.  Bake.  Eat.  (It only could be made easier with an immersion blender, of which I will most certainly use next time.)

But even with this simple recipe, I managed to have challenges, primarily with the bake times and temps.  The recipe calls for baking for 25 minutes at 425 followed by 15-20 minutes at 350.   And no opening the door, ever.  Well, my oven has a not-so-great window to see in and at about 23 minutes these did not look poofed up high enough (as much as I could tell).   So I extended the bake time to 28 minutes and at that time I realized my mistake by ever so slight smell of burnt dough wafting through the house.  I quickly turned the heat down but the damage was done.  The outer crust was a bit crispy and burnt.  The insides were not so custardy, but they tasted fine (the insides only).  My husband managed to eat 4 in one sitting so they obviously were not that bad.  And one could tell what they were  supposed to be like.

So next time, I will trust the recipe and my oven and my immersion blender...

And here is Rhiannon, excited for her popover; this is the first recipe she has been able to eat!
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  1. It couldn't have been too big a mistake if your husband ate 4 in one sitting (although I could imagine my husband doing the same!) Photos look great! Kristine Mika (louisawalter)

  2. That´s one tall and golden popover! Beautiful pic of your daughter!

  3. Delicious popovers, beautiful baby! I like both.

  4. Love how puffy and big your popover is. Baby's first BWJ recipe - it's a mile stone :-)

  5. most of the time, it is better to trust your instincts. of course a little experience helps, which you now have, so you're in good shape for the next round of popovers. hopefully it's soon since they're something the little one can enjoy! oh, they might have taken longer to puff up since your muffins tins look pretty full; try less than half? I love the vintage look of your tins too.