Monday, February 17, 2014

Chocolate Mascarpone Cheesecake

Oops.  There will be no picture of the finished product this time, only a few steps in the making.  But, I absolutely had to take a picture of some of the ingredients required for this recipe.  I have never been a cheesecake aficionado (much like regular old cakes),so I have never actually made one.  I was simply astounded at the ingredient list: sour cream, mascarpone, cream cheese, chocolate.  All for one cake.   For some reason this was more shocking to me than the butter baby we used for croissants. Nonetheless, I forged ahead knowing that it was bound to be rich and in all likelihood, great.

The great part of this recipe wound up being the making of it.  It went so easily, so smoothly.  Much easier than a regular, traditional cake. 

The product, on the other hand, was just ok.  Now, to be fair, I am not sure if it was because I don't love cheesecakes or if it was indeed the recipe.   You'll have to check out my fellow bloggers' posts to see what they all thought.   

And Rhiannon's picture is also amiss until next time…


  1. Sad it wasn't a great recipe for you!
    It was my first cheesecake, I don't know really about it, but I enjoyed this recipe. Not a dessert to make regularly , but good to have on hand!

  2. Butter baby :-)
    Don't feel bad, I didn't try this one after I made it - I am not a huge chocolate or cheesecake fan. Fortunately, I was able to pawn it off on people who are.
    It looks good!

  3. I love cheesecake and thought this one was excellent! Not overly sweet. A big hit with my tasters…who all happen to love cheesecake too! Sorry this was not a winner for you!

  4. Can't win them all! I liked this one, but I do prefer the flavor of regular (plain) cheesecakes better.