Monday, January 27, 2014

Vanilla Chiffon Roll

I was a bit perplexed heading into this recipe.  The picture in the Baking with Julia cookbook shows a chocolate filled cake roll somewhat similar to the above picture, yet the title said "Vanilla" not "Chocolate".  Hmmm.  Somehow I could not get my head wrapped around the idea of a chocolate chiffon cake that was really vanilla?  And I must say, since I am not much of a cake person nor a mousse person, the idea of a mousse filled cake did not sound all that appealing to me.

Regardless I forged ahead. And I am glad as this recipe did not disappoint even for a non-cake person.  And it was super fun to roll up a full sheet cake, kind of like playing with play-dough but way better tasting. 

I made the mousse filling a day ahead of the cake.  As a result, the recipe did not feel overwhelming.  Had I done it all in one day, I think the dishes alone would have been overwhelming.  (And how many times can one recipe call for a stand mixer?) I put the whole thing together and cooled it overnight in the fridge.  In the morning, all I had to do was dust it  with cocoa and we were off to brunch, with goodies in hand.

the chilled cake roll

And Rhiannon liked this one too.

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  1. Your cake looks great!!! And I'm glad you did the stripes...I chickened out :)

  2. You summed up my thoughts going into this recipe very well :-)
    Ditto what Liz said - your cake looks great.

  3. Your cake looks good. Ya it does entail using a lot of dishes, doesn't it?

  4. omg, soooo many dishes. what a nice treat to take to brunch!

  5. Looking good! Love the stripes. This really was a good dessert. I'm glad I made it too.

  6. Cake is almost as pretty as that sweet little girl.
    YES! So many dishes. but so worth it. Yours is pretty.

  7. I thought the same thing regarding the name of this dessert. I assumed it was filled with a vanilla pudding or something at first. Nicely done.